Friday, July 3, 2009

Top 20 Things You Should Know When Buying A Puppy

"The Top 20 things you should look for before buying a purebred"



Here are some tips on what to look for as well as some questions to ask.


Always physically check the dog:


            1. Check the inside of the ears

                        (You're checking for mites-black pencil dot specs that move, a yeasty odor and/or any bruises/cuts)

            2. Check the skin and fur

                        (Are there any fleas, ticks, ringworms or bruises/cuts?

            3. Check inside the mouth for discoloration, bleeding and/or a foul smell

                        (You're smelling for an infection)

            4. Last the nose and eyes

                        (Is the nose dry or excreting any fluid? Are the eyes crusty or have excess eye goop? Do they look clouded?)



Ask questions:


            5. Is the puppy current on vaccinations?

            6. Are there any health issues, hereditary or not?

            7. Was the puppy a result of in-breeding?

            8. Were there any complications during pregnancy or during birth?

            9. Did the Veterinarian give the puppy a clean bill of health?

            10. Did the puppy test positive for anything?

                        (Parvo or Worms)

            11. Is the puppy a purebred, are the parents registered, and is the puppy registered?



Ask for proof


            12. Do you have documentation from the Veterinarian showing proof of vaccinations and a clean bill of health?

                        (This would show if the puppy tested positive for anything)

            13. Any other veterinarian documentation

                        (Such as if the puppy was born at the hospital, it would prove their was no complications)

            14. If purebred, ask to see the parent's paperwork and his paperwork

            15. Finally ask if you have permission to verify all health related questions with the veterinarian

                        (Be sure they call the veterinarian first and give permission for you to get the info.)



Be cautious


            16. Make sure you look up the Veterinarians phone number and not to assume the phone number they gave you is true.             There are people who forge veterinary paperwork and have a friend or family member on the other side of the phone number             they gave you.

            17. If they do not have any paperwork on them, take the steps to contact their veterinarian with their permission.

            18.If they claim that the puppy is a purebred but have no paperwork for them or the parents and they are charging you            money for the puppy, in my opinion don't get the puppy. There is no proof the puppy is purebred without the proper            paperwork.  People pay breeders for purebreds because they are proven to be a purebred. Without the paperwork on             the parents or the puppy, it's just another puppy.

            19. Watch for evasiveness, a peddler not answering questions usually means they are hiding something or lying about            something.

            20. If they refuse permission for you to get the info from the veterinarian, they are probably lying about the puppy's health



As a final note, information is they key. The more you have the more you know so you don't end up paying big time in the end.


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