Monday, June 1, 2009

Review and Giveaway Rules

All companies and/or people who are interested in submitting an item for review must be willing to sponsor a giveaway as well. All fees due to shipping, handling and etc... will be the responsibility of the person/shop of the item for review and giveaway. All companies/people whom submit the item for review will be given the option to opt out of the review and giveaway if for any reason they will receive a bad review. They will be notified by email with the opt out option . Start date of the giveaway is the posting date of the review unless otherwise noted by you. It is in the person/companies hands to create the rules of the giveaway. Failure to create your rules for the giveaway by the start date gives us the permisson to use our standard rules.  Will make exceptions for review and giveaway rules.

Standard Giveaway Rules:
1 entry per person - go to the comapies/person's website and write about which product you liked best and why - post on the review only
Extra Entries for:
Purchases made on the person's/comapies website
Following the blog
Submitted the review and giveaway link on their blog/website