Monday, June 8, 2009

Basic Care

Most owners know the responsibilities of owning a pet; they even know what hygienic care is required. Right?   Actually you'd be surprised on how many people don't know everything you should do to keep your pet in good hygienic condition.  Every year 10's of thousands of dogs, cats and other animals are brought into a veterinary hospital because their owners were unaware of the basic care needs of their pets.  In this article I will not only tell you what those basic care needs are but what can happen if you don't do them.


As everyone basically knows, your dog must be given baths.  Now depending on your dog's length of hair and how active your dog is will determine how often you give them a bath.  Obviously if your dog has long hair and/or it outside quite often and gets dirty quick you will bathe more often.  Also pay attention to what dog shampoo you use; there are different shampoos for different types, color and length of hair.  There are also different shampoos for if your dog has dandruff, fleas, dry skin and more. So do your research and see what shampoo and/or conditioner will be beneficial for your dog.  Neglecting to wash your pets can often lead to skin issues as well as odor problems.


Brushing your dog is very important as well.  How often you brush also depends on length of fur and how often your dog sheds.  Now there are many different kinds of brushes, combs and rakes.  Each one is used for a different reason.  Failing to brush as often as needed will cause well dog fur all over your home and even worse can cause knots and fur to stick together causing dreds that may form all the way down to the skin.  Bugs can easily make their way into these dreds, even laying eggs in them.  Since you may even wash your dog it is nearly impossible to get these dreds dry and can easily cause infections and more.

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