Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wal*Mart Puppies

Wal*Mart Puppy: A term used to describe any puppy attempting to be sold in front of a store front, such as Wal*Mart.

About three months ago, while snacking on a pretzel at the local mall, I happened to look over and see a woman peddling puppies. Four adorable Blue Nosed Pits to be exact. My instincts took over and I had to go over and look. Although the woman was pushing the pups in a shopping cart, her appearance was otherwise very professional. And at first glance, the puppies made a great first impression, too. To a buyer, they looked clean, healthy and eager to be adopted. But because I've had professional experience with dogs, I was alerted to some possible health concerns. Now feeling a little suspect, I asked her the normal questions such as medical history, ancestry and temperament. Her answers were evasive at best. Sure, the pups had just recently been to the veterinarian -- she just forgot the paperwork. But rest assured, the pups were current with their shots and were given a clean bill of health. Good to go.

I have ran into many Wal*Mart puppy peddlers before, during and after my experience in the veterinary field. They were evasive in their questions and never had proof to back up health exams, pedigree or vaccinations. My opinion, these peddlers are trying to sell these puppies as if they were purebred. I do not believe the ones I ran into were purebred, vaccinated nor in good health.

"Why pay good money and get nothing in return?"

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