Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sundays Compare and Save #2

Welcome to the second edition of Compare and Save, since the last edition I have received only a few requests for the best deals on pet products.  I want to thank everyone for their interest.  In this edition of Compare and Save all three requests are answered as well as two of my own.  All readers are welcome to email me with their requests and all will eventually be answered. 






Box of Milk-bones

Booda Wonder Tug Solo


Andis 23585 Super Deluxe Pet Clipper Kit



            As a note of my findings all items are found online as an interest to my nationwide audience.  Internet prices are subject to change as well as include shipping and handling charges that vary from area to area.  However many of my findings may include large chain stores such as PetSmart and Petco, please know that they may or may not price match in store to their prices online, therefore saving the shipping and handling charges that usually apply.  Doing your own research may assist you in finding a great savings as some sites offer free shipping and handling, discounts and more when you make large purchases.  I also highly advice checking local stores to boost your economy. 


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