Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pet Abuse Awareness Week

Thank you for seizing this opportunity to learn and assist in the prevention of animal cruelty.  Many pets everyday are subdued to neglect and abuse.  This has been a growing concern for quite some time and is not an issue to be taken lightly.  Our pets cannot speak for themselves through words as we can.  So we must speak for them.  Whether you have a Rex, Daisy, Mr. Whiskers or even a Mr. Cheeks these pets have made their way into our hearts and into our families.  They are no longer just our simple companion, our guard dog, or even our mice traps.  We buy them so much necessities now or days; clothes, expensive food, the newest toys, jewel encrusted collars, carrying bags, strollers, birthday gifts and even go about and make them apart of our holiday celebrations. 


However many pets do not have this good fortune.  Many pets are forced to remain outside with no shelter during a thunderstorm.  Soaking wet by the next day to come and forced to remain until the sun warms and dries them.  Dogs and puppies alike smacked for having a mere accident on the floor and thrown for jumping on the couch.  When all they wanted was a little attention.  Many dogs are subjected to harsh and abusive conditions everyday and all they want is a family to love them and show them how much they mean to you.  Instead they find themselves in a home with someone who has an anger problem or someone who just doesn't care for them or cannot afford them. 


Do your part as an animal lover and watch out for these guys.  Turn in their unloving and undeserving owners.  This week is dedicated to those pets.  The pets that cannot speak for themselves and inform the proper people that their parents are abusing them, neglecting them and not showing them the love they deserve.  After all they never asked to be placed in that home, they were forced to.


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