Monday, June 15, 2009

A Strain on the Relationship

Eight out of ten couples have a dog; nine out of ten have a pet of some sort.  I am one of those eight out of ten and I have to admit that the relationship between us every time a pet is involved there is more stress than our normal stress we give each other.  Obviously the dog is not to blame at all.  It's us the owners, the lovers, the couple and the sweethearts.  We tend to forget that it's not the dog's fault that he chewed up the house while we were gone or the fault of our sweetheart.  It's the fault of the entire couple at hand.  Of course you can tell I'm speaking from example.  We just got this new dog, Dominic an Olde English Bulldog. Let's just say he has a few behavioral issues that we must change.  Now I know that I've done quite a bit of blame not only on Dominic but my sweetness as well.  An example would have to be the other day Dominic had really bad gas; he also went to the bathroom (#1 and #2) in the house earlier that day, than he spilled his water all of the kitchen until he finally ate his dog bowl.  I knew I forgot something; he also ate my papers for work.  That night when I went to bed I was pissed off and I made sure my partner in crime knew it.  When asked I simply replied your damn dog has issues.  Out of anger I ignored the dog the whole next day as well as everyone else.


I guess it takes a couple of days to realize that my anger should be redirected to how I can ensure these issues do not reoccur.   I guess the lesson of this article is, it's easier to blame the dog, your partner and everyone else.  It's just easier to get mad and seclude yourself rather than just taking care of the issue at hand.  What can I say, some people just like to be mad at times.  So it is true that owning a dog adds strain to a relationship, but not because it's a dog but because it's more responsibility and when neglected it'll come back to bite you in the rump.  After all if a responsibility is not taken care of you can bet your partner will tell you. But what you both have to remember is that a dog is both of your responsibility, to blame the other you must blame yourself as well.  Unless you were gone all day. Than it's the one who was home, who is to blame. :)


"To err is human, to forgive canine."


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